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The Cincinnati Volkswagen Club website. We are dedicated to helping our members with the maintenance, restoration, repairs, social events and other aspects related to VW vehicles.  This is a non-profit, non-competitive organization dedicated to fostering a sprit of camaraderie out of the belief that every VW has a story and an owner to tell it.

It is important to us to maintain & strengthen the loyal following of Volkswagen enthusiasts.  Toward this end we endeavor to cooperate with other VW Clubs around the country to further this goal.

We hope you enjoy our website.  The site is here for you, our members and fellow Volkswagen enthusiasts, to enjoy while keeping you informed about possible topics of interest.  If you have information you would like to share with our readers or ideas on how we can improve the site, please contact us to share the information. 

We hope you will share our site with your friends and fellow enthusiasts.  


Next Club Meeting
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April 12th

RME Machining

2900 Spring Grove Avenue


10 a.m.

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